Redefining insurance
in a digital age

Revauxy develops software solutions for automation and digitalization of all steps in the workflow and document management processes.

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10 000 +

active users of the platform

10 +

local and international insurance companies

3 mln +

processed claimes for the last 15 years

150 +

daily claims processed through mobile apps

Innovative software products

Delivering value in
multi-aspect solutions
in key areas

Insurance companies

Add to the insurance company IT infrastructure powerful instruments to cover the entire process


Implement easy and fast tools for data exchange with insurance company's - call center,

Fleets/ Property/Health Management

Streamline and digitize communication with all involved parties via modules for


Automate and minimize steps in the claims administration process, including


Monitor and control all procurement procedures and purchase orders electronically:

Service providers

Use unified communication electronic portal for data and document sharing with different

Engage your customers in a new way! Revauxy makes life simpler, quicker and more reliable. Revauxy technology and industry expertise empower insurance companies to compete in today’s increasingly digital and customer-centric environment. We deliver end-to-end process services for the insurance business - next-generation secured infrastructure and modern applications. And refine them all the time.

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Innovative software products

Delivering multiple
market proven

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Industry Expertise

IT team with deep knowledge in the insurance field

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Stable software and proven customer service

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Cost reduction

Optimization of all resources involved

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Easy integration and active user support

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Flexibility to respond to mergers and acquisitions

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Future proof

Technology to support current and future business requirements

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Minimized time to react to business and market change

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Constant improvement

Proprietary software constantly updated to better match and optimize processes