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Insurance Solutions

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“The Revauxy experience from the maintenance of the SmartClaims Platform in the insurance companies shows that upon implementation of the system the size of the average claim payment decreases.”

Emil Dimitrov, CEO Revauxy

Pain points:
  • Inconsistent customer experience journeys that are not client-driven
  • Complex channel management from multiple disconnected systems
  • Lack of centralized, systematized and unified way of detailed cost-based accounting
  • Complex processes for claims handling
  • Decentralized, heterogenous and untraceable channels of communication among all parties involved in the claims handling process – insurance company, broker, expert, remote office, service provider, supplier, etc.;

Insurance solutions

What our platform


In the insurance industry, Revauxy has specialized in the systems and processes that are common mainly with claims management. Based on our own proprietary platform, we have determined and refined solutions for each product line of insurance business. Our systems, designed by industry-savvy business analysts and architects deliver scalable software, engineered with insurance standards and compliant with regulations.

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SmartClaiMS Share Box

SmartClaiMS Share Box is a specialized solution for claim information sharing and coordination. The purpose of the system is to facilitate the information sharing processes among various participants – fast and easy, in real time.

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SmartClaiMS Garage

SmartClaiMS Garage is a specialized solution for communication among the Auto Repair Shop and all involved parties in a claims servicing request - Insurance company, Broker, 3rd party expert, parts supplier, etc . The system facilitates the work on a physical repair of a vehicle and coordination of related documents, authorizations, quotes, costs, work load.

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SmartClaiMS Procurement

SmartClaiMS Procurement is an online based platform for materials and services procurement. The platform provides functionalities for a closed “call back” tender, where the buyer announces the purchase needs and the supplier bids with price offers, discounts, terms and delivery times.

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SmartClaiMS Inspections

Mobile application for claims inspection related to an object in the insurance policy. The application follows steps in a predefined process, according to which employees and partners of the insurance company conduct the inspection.

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SmartClaiMS Telematics

In colaboration with Auto3P and telco companies, Revauxy provides insurance companies reliable telematics solution with accurate technical and real-time data that allows them to configure new services and bring new customer experience. FNOL (first notification of loss) - perfect solution for immediate and automatic alert of a real accident event. For a better claim handling in an accurate and swift way to save time and money for the insurance company as well as fraud prevention. Enabled by telematics, a lot of insurance companies are bringing huge value to their clients through usage-based insurance (UBI) programs. That increase safety, facilitate and reward safer driving with better pricing, and ultimately reduce risk.

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