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The challenges were easy to identify – a lot of paper carriers, different channels for communication, complex settlements, partial history of communication among participants, different data sources, legacy and a lot of many systems presence, new data base, insufficient control of purchasing auto parts. But how to address them required thoughtful planning and flexibility solution. In light of global current events and following Generali`s innovation strategy together we chose out-of-the-box solution fulfilling all IT, compliance, and business requirements.

The bottom line is that successful project requires moving beyond a traditional approach and embracing new technology.

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"Revauxy is combining best-practices
in insurance processing with
state-of-the-art technology."

Radoslav Dimitrov CInsO, Member of the Management Board

Revauxy provides SmartClaiMS platform for claim management and paperless processes in automotive business insurance at Generali Bulgaria. The platform is 100-percent cloud ready, supporting an open and modular architecture. The platform ensures workflow and administration, digital tools for professional inspections, estimations, easy and traceable communication with all participants, reliable online data for better decisions. Full integration with specialized systems, such as SmartClaiMS Garage – direct communication and repair process control used by body shops or procurement system for managing the purchase of auto parts. The platform is fully integrated with the core system to ensure data consistency, process improvement and optimization of employee workload. SmartClaiMS provides a wide range of services, including automatic FNOL claim calculation and mobile app for vehicle inspection on site. They are designed to empower customer engagement, improve claim settlement and regulatory compliance — while reducing operational expense. Digital processing capabilities allow a customer to notify claim faster and accelerate claims payments.

Combining Generali’s expertise and Revauxy proprietary SmartClaiMS workflows, the new built solution differentiates Generali from competitors through use of disruptive technologies, including automation and self-service processes.

The implementation was 2 years ago, and it is constantly evolving with vision for “data-first” and “automation everywhere.” The solution is fully adapted to highly complex business processes and meets the changing customer`s demands.

SmartClaiMS platform also delivers the benefit of leveraging the latest technology that’s very modular. You can look at what’s available in the market, put it on your platform because it suits your needs, and modify it easily. Overall, this allows for better decision-making and lower expense ratios.

SmartClaiMS Inspections

Using SmartClaiMS Inspections app Generali Bulgaria claim experts and partners of can inspect the current state of the vehicle. It guides users step by step to perform an inspection according to the company's rules. It is guaranteed that the photos are taken at the time of the inspection, collect information about the place of the inspection with a built-in tool for preparing inventories of disabilities.

SmartClaiMS Garage

Platform for repair process management, data exchange and direct communication with body shops. It covers the process of sending repair order, negotiating the amount of the repair, initial vehicle or other objects inspections, tracking the status of repair, chat, pictures and documents exchange. The platform provides direct communication with the body shops and keeps history of repairs.

“According to our mission for Being a Lifetime partner to customers and leading the European insurance market constant innovation is a must. So, we had done a major strategic reorganization in claim management with Revauxy. SmartClaiMS made our process simpler, easier, and modern. Platform has allowed us focus on our core business. Most importantly, claims are at the core of everything we do and clients can rest assured our structure provides a single, responsive claims-settling approach, easy access to services and quick settlement.”

Georgi Ivanov, Head of Claims Division - Non LIfe insurance

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“In recent years, we strive for a simple and transparent claim management. This has brought us to SmartClaiMS and we will continue to add new modules and features to the platform. Procurement system is to run next.”

Radoslav Dimitrov CInsO, Member of the Management Board

SmartClaiMS Procurement

Reversed auction and order management platform can connect Generali Bulgaria, body shops, suppliers of parts and materials, customers and other interested parties providing a digital platform for organizing tenders, reviewing and submitting orders, tracking the supply process. All registered suppliers can receive information about the start of the auction and can submit bids. Buyers themselves can also participate as suppliers if they have available quantities of certain goods that are currently being sought by other buyers. When inquiries are sent, all participants can add offers for each requested part with specific delivery options, discounts, warranty conditions, certificates, etc. During the tender, bids are not visible to the contracting entities, the interested third party or the other participants. The bids end at a pre-announced exact time. In this way, suppliers cannot be discriminated against by holding too short auctions at unusual times. The contracting authorities select preferred offers according to the previously announced criteria. Their selection becomes visible to the interested third party for ongoing and ex-post audit.

Main advantages of SmartClaiMS platform are data transparency, open interfaces, and streamlined processes.

”With Revauxy we modernize claim operations to a completely digital business model that improves the customer experience, simplify processes, lower costs, and increase agility.”

Radoslav Dimitrov CInsO, Member of the Management Board