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customer satisfaction

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The Challenge

Bulstrad is one of our first partners to pioneer in the digital age of automated claims handling processes, electronic document management and operationally justified SaaS workflow solutions.

It took us 2 years to personalize the SMART ClaimMS to best match national regulations, local prices of repair and materials suppliers as well as customer specific process steps, reporting requirements and product fine tunings. The upgrades and change requests are ongoing until today in a constant effort to outperform on efficiency, speed and reliability. We can only be humbled by our 15 year partnership, which has addressed:

  • Difficult to systemize, chaotic, manual and scattered processes.
  • Processes based on paper carriers.
  • Lack of history of communication among partners.
  • Decentralized work with documents.
  • Fraud.


The Solution

Smart Claims Management Platform developed together with Bulstrad and constantly upgraded over time to optimize resources, better match regulatory requirements, shortcut work-flow steps and introduce more participants in the overall process. Launched in over 70 locations. Over 300 active daily users.



The Benefits

  • Over 20% average cost decrease of auto claims during the 1st year after implementation
  • Zero initial investment and a fair pricing model based on actual transactions
  • Sizable increase in efficiency and accountability of employee workload
  • Fast, easy and risk-free introduction of new users – usually for less than a month for HQ and no more than 6 months for national offices.
  • Collection of reliable data and information to be used in reports and business analyses.
  • Proven customer satisfaction
  • Significant improvement in fraud prevention


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